• Balancing Time Off As a Dancer

    Balancing time off as a dancer is difficult for all of us. As I am writing this, we are beginning to see the impacts of Covid-19 in the United States. In an abundance of caution, schools are closing, ballet studios are shutting their doors, and performances are being cancelled left and right. So, what can we do as dancers to make the best out of this extended break, take care of our bodies and minds, and prepare for when we can go back to dance? 

    It is important to recognize that this is not a time to try and replicate the hours of work and effort you put in during a normal week in the studio. It’s more than okay to feel like you maybe took a step back from where you were when taking class and rehearsing for hours each day, but trying to stay in the same “shape” can cause physical stress and burnout, but also mental and emotional stress as well. 

    These lifestyle factors that we will go over are simple and pretty straight forward. They may seem like no-brainers, but living a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle on and off stage doesn’t have to be complicated. Read More