Work With Me

I offer a sliding scale for dancers and students based on financial needs. If you are interested in working with me but affordability is a factor, please reach out and we can work together to get you coaching on your budget!
Initial Consultation
  • One free 45 minute session where we discuss nutrition, body image, relationship with food, dance and how I will be able to support you. 

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One-on-One Holistic Wellness Coaching

Individual Sessions – $65/session

  • One 50 minute coaching session where we look at your current nutrition and wellness habits inside and outside of the dance studio
  • Provides flexibility to add sessions when you are looking for help or guidance
  • Takeaway one or two ways to start implementing small changes

Three month program – $350 for the entire program 

  • Two 50 minute coaching sessions per month, where we actively look at your relationship with food and with your body and how nutrition influences your dancing 
  • We take a deeper look into your nutrition and lifestyle habits and introduce small shifts for long term change
  • Email support and encouragement between sessions 
  • Resources specific to your goals

Difference between the two 

  • Individual sessions helps you to kick start nutrition and body positivity mindset changes through the introduction of small shifts in habits. We can assess where you are and you take home information and inspiration to continue on your health journey. 
  • The three month program allows us to take a deeper look at how nutrition affects your dancing and in all areas of your life and integrate recommendations to fuel your body Over three months, you will go through many different life experiences and emotions. This program offers more time to assess your relationship with food and with your body and receive support and accountability through these changes.

Starting at $200/workshop

An interactive workshop at your dance school or summer intensive, where we can discuss topics such as:

  • The importance of self-care while dancing
  • How to find the right nutrition for your needs
  • Relationship with food and with your body
  • Maintaining self confidence in an audition or rehearsal
  • How to maintain a healthy body image
  • Physically and mentally dealing with injuries
  • Performance anxiety
  • Perfectionism

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